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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Making Plans

It's what I love--the only thing better is actually doing them! Yes ladies and gentlemen, our trip to New York is OFFICIALLY booked! I got my FREE flight vouchers in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and after a long phone conversation we reserved a flight for the beginning of April. I really wanted to go next month but with these vouchers we could only book when they had dates "available". Since we have to make our schedule out for 2 months in advance at work, that is a little hard! I have until Feb. 28 to confirm the reservation, and then we will be on our way!

I checked out my rewards that are available with one of my credit cards, and we will be getting our rental car for FREE with them! Basically what we are doing is flying into Buffalo, then renting a car there and taking a roadtrip through the suburbs up to Niagara and checking out the little towns that I've been doing research on for the last 3 years. We decided that since we will already be there, we are going to go ahead and check out Niagara Falls! Nothing detailed, just a stop and look around. We will save the BIG trip for when we move there ;)

We are both very excited! Going there to check it out will be our first "real" action toward moving out of state. I can research on the computer all day long, but there is no commitment there. But actually spending time and money to go look at it? That's for real! We have talked about how we hope we aren't "disappointed" when we get there, but honestly--how could it be worse than where we live now? I mean, they have historic neighborhoods, Victorian houses, mountains, 2 Great Lakes, Niagara Falls, Canada.....need I go on? And they DON'T have tornadoes, or grassfires, or bipolar weather patterns, or dust storms, or one of the highest obesity rates/teen pregnancy rates/uninsured driver rates.

We want pretty scenery, 4 seasons, different culture, and limitless new places to see and experience! We are on our way there. And for all of the naysayers out there...what's the worse that could happen? We don't like it and we move back? Wow! Stop the press! And don't worry--we are aware that they get snow.

In other news, I spent the end of my Valentine's Day with my dear mumsy in the ER. Her docs are still speculating why her left knee is almost immobile. I took her to get an MRI last night, so hopefully it points them in the right direction!

We have all been enjoying our crazy Oklahoma weather--this whole week has been in the 70s! We have been taking our little man to the park down the street and he loves it! He has recently taking a liking to the slides. It is just SO adorable to watch him interact with other children there and play with them.

I got him a big boy toothbrush to replace his little rubber baby one, and we have been working on teaching him how to use it. He is the cutest thing! He looks like such a big boy.


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  1. How cute! Scott just loves brushing his teeth-washing his hands after using the potty-and of course bath time! Seeing these sweet toddlers hard at work learning all the basics of life's needs! Such happy moments! Love the video Brad is just so adorable as always!


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