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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free at Last!

The hospital gods must have been smiling up on me because shortly after my last blog, I was able to go home!! They released us at 7:45am this morning, and we ALL made a mad dash to clock out. I literally ran to my car while I was calling my hubby to tell him the good news.

The roads were still pretty slick in spots but I was fueled by adrenaline and determination, so I didn't have any trouble in my little car! I drove to my mom's first to load up on coffee, warmth, and say hello. Then I slid out of the driveway and hit the highway again to go home! Our culdesac was mucho thick with snow, so I pretty much used my momentum to throw myself onto the edge of our driveway and left my car there to come in. Nick dug it out later on and put it back into the garage before dark!

Here are some pics while it was snowing Tuesday morning at work--yes, I took my camera with me.

These were our "sleeping" accommodations for Tuesday. I didn't get the bed, my friend Erin did. I got the vinyl chair at the bottom of the picture. There was another coworker in there too on another recliner.

As soon as I got home, I jumped on Nick in bed and said I'm home!!! I was passed out within minutes, and made myself wake up around 3:30pm. I snuggled with my little man while Nick ventured out and grabbed a pizza for dinner. He took this pic of the mailman getting stuck in our culdesac:

After eating, Nick bundled up and went out to dig my car out of the street and put it into the garage. I surprised him by bundling me and Brad up and going out there with him! Brad seemed to love frolicking in the snow, and kept trying to pick it up and hand it to us! It was adorable to watch him try to climb in the snow drifts, then sink down when he stood up. We will probably go out again tomorrow during the day and play some more!

In the end, I am thankful my family was safe and warm during the blizzard, and I am SO thankful that I am finally home with them to enjoy it! We got a big fire going and all hung out in front of it tonight, and that is my favorite part of all ♥


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  1. So glad you made it home safely and got to enjoy the best parts of this storm with your family!!!


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