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Friday, February 4, 2011

Enjoying the Winter Wonderland

When we woke up this morning, it was snowing! It proceeded to snow off and on all day, and we couldn't just stay inside and miss out. After feeding Brad breakfast, we all headed out on a journey to find a sled (and snow shovel). First, we went to Walmart b/c we needed some groceries too. Yeah, they were out of sleds....as were Lowes, Dollar General, Atwoods, and Home Depot. That figures! But we were bound and determined to slide down a hill!

I came up with plan B, which involved Brad's baby pool. We all bundled up, I grabbed the camera, and we headed to the nearest hill for some makeshift sledding! Nick tried first...

...but the snow was too deep on this side of the hill so he didn't get very far! We walked over to the other side, and I tried next with more success. After a couple of runs, there was a nice slick path to follow, so I took Brad along with me!

Little B was getting tired b/c it was his nap time, so daddy took him down a few times then we headed home.

On the way home, we saw some people stuck on a side street. Hubby got out and helped while I put on my flashers and watched. He's such a nice guy!

Later that evening I went to my mom's house in the city and dragged her out of the house to Hobby Lobby. I stayed just long enough to have some coffee and snacks because it was snowing pretty hard and getting dark. I got home just in time to see little boy before he went to bed, and I worked on shoveling the driveway a bit. I just freaking love the snow!


  1. Quite innovative there! Loved the little video show! Little Brad looks so adorable. Wonder if he'll remember his crazy parents on this day.....hmmm

  2. Looks like you three had a great time! If brad doesn't remember this he will have pictures and videos to watch! :) Are you all planning on sledding some more today?


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