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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Busy Bees

There is a buzz in the air; I'm not sure if it is the impending Spring season, the warmer weather, or the big things that are happening soon! My little family has been enjoying our time together by either just hanging out in our PJs all day, or all three getting out and having a picnic in the park. We love seeing the joy on my little man's face when we put him in the swing and push him back and forth--he loves it!

Last week I got some business taken care of that needed to be marked off my list like taxes and dental appointments. I'm not completely sure how we are going to use our return, but definitely part of it is allotted toward refreshing our back patio deck. Of course most will go into savings, and the rest will probably be put toward my car. I intend on getting it paid off this year!

This week is already filling up too! Later today we are all going to my dad's so Nick can help him work on his car. A part on my car was recalled so I have to take it Tuesday into the dealer to be replaced. I am going to take my mom to her orthopedic appointment Wednesday to find out what the plan is for her knee. Then Thursday we may be going to the zoo with some friends! Somewhere in the middle of all this I have to find time to sit and spend hours on the computer doing tests to get recertified for my ACLS (advanced cardiac life support). But the main thing I am looking forward to this week is sowing!

No, not sewing but SOWING seeds! I recently bought several veggies, herbs, and flower seed packets to try out this Spring. If I remember them correctly, the veggies are: onions, Italian salad blend, and large cherry tomatoes. The herbs are: rosemary, oregano, and sweet basil. The flowers are: marigold and something else, I can't remember. I also bought these nifty little biodegradable seed starter slot trays that you plant the seeds directly in before frost, then when it's warm enough you just break off the tray slot and plant the whole thing in the ground! I have wanted an herb garden for awhile, but really none of my windows get good sun. Hopefully these grow well!

My mother had a great birthday last Thursday! I had a big cookout at a local park that evening for my whole family. We all had a blast enjoying the fresh air and eating yummy burgers and hot dogs while the kids all ran around playing. My stepdad's birthday is coming up soon, as is my nephew's. Before I know it, June will be here and my little baby will turn TWO! I better get started on planning his bash!


  1. Hey there, voted on the name! Looks like most everyone else voted what I voted. Can't wait to see what you change it too!

  2. You are busy! It'll be interesting to see how the herbs and plants do. Have fun tonite at Dad's! Thanks again for the wonderful birthday party and gifts! ♥

  3. Wow you have been very busy!!! Glad to hear everything is going busy yet smooth for you and your family!!! Can't wait to hear how to herb garden turns out!


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