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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Delectable Injectables

 Alright kids, it just got real tonight. I started my LAST 2 drugs until my egg retrieval! I am now on 3 injections--Lupron, Menopur, and Gonal-F. They are all sub-q and Nick is my nurse that gives them. I started Lupron 2 weeks ago at 10 units/day, and tonight I decreased that to 5 units/day. The Menopur is 1 vial/day (which is 75 units) and my current dose of Gonal-F is 150 units/day.

I go to the RE every other day next week for bloodwork and US to monitor the progression of my follicle stimulations and my dosages will be adjusted as needed. Hopefully in about 8 or 9 days we will be doing the egg retrieval! I can't wait to get thru this and be done waiting. I HATE WAITING. You think the 2ww after ovulation is bad? This is like that x1,000.

I have more optimism than my last IVF but I have to consciously reel myself in from shopping for baby stuff and remind myself that this may not work. It might not be just like last time. I allow myself about 1 hour of naive hope per day, but after that I am a realist who knows the chance is 50/50.

I am definitely more vocal with friends and family about the process this time. I feel like it's a bunch a of crap that women are afraid to talk about their infertility/reproductive issues because it is "taboo" or dirty to talk about. Infertility is a freaking medical issue that needs to be given the respect it deserves--not only by friends but by the insurance companies who REFUSE to cover treatment at all!! In my state that is... I'm not lucky enough to live in a state that actually covers some infertility treatments. IVF is a medical procedure and you better be sure that I'm going to request a few days off from work when I go to have my egg retrieval. Last time (read here) my egg retrieval ended with me getting a catheter leg bag for 3 days and writhing in pain on the couch popping pain pills.

Anywho....let the stimulation week begin!


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