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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

10 Babies

I finally got an update from the doctor! They retrieved 16 eggs, 13 were mature and 10 fertilized! So right now we have 10 little babies growing in a petri dish. They will call again tomorrow with another update on their progress. I will be doing the embryo transfer either Friday or Sunday and I should find that out tomorrow also.

Here is my post from last time about how many fertilized etc.....

As for the retrieval, it went well! We got there at 6:15am and got started in preop. They took my vitals and started an IV in my right hand. The anesthesiologist I requested was there so it was nice to see a familiar face! He started me off with some Morphine, then Versed and other sedatives in the procedural room. It was like deja vu! It was the same room I was in last time. It only took about 30 minutes and I woke up pretty easily afterward.

After they went over my postop instructions they showed Nick how and where to do the Progesterone shots. I got one there, then did another one last night. Today I will start them once per day until further notice. They really don't hurt much (if they are done right) but I know after several days of getting shots in the same spot over and over it will start to get sore!

I camped out on the couch yesterday with a mug of ice water and a heating pad. The pain really was not near what I anticipated from last time so I was pretty happy about that. However early this morning I woke up around 4am with terrible heartburn and a pounding headache. I got up and took some Zantac and Tylenol but it did not help. After I got up for the day I took my Norco and some PeptoBismol but it really hasn't helped much either. The abdomenal pain isn't what is bothering me--it's the headache and reflux/nausea!

I'm relaxing on the couch again today and I had Nick fill my Phenergan prescription to see if that would help. A cool washcloth helps a little with the headache, I just hope it goes away soon. I am going back to work tomorrow so we will see how that goes!

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