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Sunday, September 29, 2013

TTC #2 Update

So I haven't posted an update on the quest for #2 because....there really isn't an update to give. We had our first consultation with our new RE Dr. Hansen on Sept. 10 and he gave us those dratted hopes and dreams I had forgotten about for 5 years. The plan was to do a few rounds of IUI with stims and trigger shots to see how things went before we skipped to IVF. We ended the visit with a new SA from hubby to see what our baseline was and if the vitamins had made a difference yet.

Fast forward a few days and we got a phone call from the office saying pretty much the SA looked awful and we won't be doing IUI. I haven't gotten official numbers yet but they said motility was low and morphology was 0%. BOO. It brought back that old familiar feeling of heartbreak and hopelessness.

I really really really did not want to do IVF again and was praying that his numbers had improved and this would magically be easier the second time around. Looks like the only easy part is that we already know what the problem is and won't be wasting 5 years to find it out.

The doc mentioned wanting hubby to see a urologist specializing in male infertility just to double check everything and see if anything is amiss (I vaguely remember him being check last time and it was normal) so they called in a referral and told us to the call the office after we saw the new doc.

A few days later the urologist's office called us to set up a consultation and long story short--it was going to be at least $400 out of pocket for a visit, not including tests or treatments. NO thanks already.

So that's where we are at. In infertility limbo once again. I haven't really had a good day off to get my thoughts together since then, so I plan on calling our RE back this week to set up another appointment for scheduling IVF. Nick and I have talked in depth about our options and we agree that we at least want to control the timing. Hypothetically if the IVF works, we would like to have another summer baby. The only problem is that we would have to wait until next summer to do it. And that is that plan! We will try to schedule an approximate IVF start date in July-August of 2014. Until then--we have big travel plans to keep us busy! Stay posted.

I will leave you with another funny infertility meme :)



  1. I'm sorry you got bad news, but I'm very excited for your timeline! You're one smart cookie so I know you'll plan this all down perfect :)

  2. Oh Kandace my heart reaches out to you both. I know MFI is SO SO SO SO difficult and sometimes unpredictable. You know what you went through before so hopefully having been down this road will take some of the stress away from it. God is in control and he will not fail you. Thinking and praying for you!


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