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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Getting Things Done

I have been a busy girl! You might notice I marked a few things off of my list -----> but unfortunately they will not all be done by January 1. But I'll get back to that later on!

I had been working on these crocheted stockings for a couple of months but I kept putting them down to get other things done. Well I finally finished them last night and they are hanging on the mantel! I had a spot saved just for them and look marvelous.

Somehow they all turned out a different size, even with the same pattern! I think it was because I used a different hook for each one but who knows! I gave the big one to Nick, the medium one for me, and the little one for Brad--kinda like the 3 little bears. These stockings (and my new advent calendar) will remain in my Christmas repertoire for years to come!

We wanted to go get our tree on Saturday but after I worked in the morning it started raining and continued to be mucky all day. We did go get it Sunday though and here it is after we got home!

Nick got it all ready to bring into the house while I cooked lunch for everyone. Then while Brad was napping I got it all decorated so that he could see it first thing when he got up! He points at it and says "lights!". It looks so pretty in the corner of our dining room and smells wonderful too! I always put the tree on a timer so this year it is set to come on around 5:30 and go off around midnight.

Last week I got an order for a few custom hats from a lady. Two of them were to look like "Ernie" on Sesame Street for her little girls' birthdays that weekend....

She is very happy with how they turned out and already wants to order some more!

My next craft show is this Saturday so I have been trying to squeeze in getting ready for that in between Christmas stuff and other projects.

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and got a few things to start some more projects soon including a baby shoe shadowbox and a birthday question album!



  1. Everything looks so pretty and christmas-y at your house!!! I <3 it! I feel like Christmas has totally sneaked up on me this year! I can't believe it's already the 7th!

    Those hats turned out sooo freaking cute! <3

    Can't wait to see all your christmasy decos in person :)

  2. I don't know where you get all that engery girl!!! lol I need some...Anyways you have a cute little family!!! I'm very happy for you. Luv ya


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