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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Treats

I spent my Sunday (after working a bit in the morning) baking up a storm! Every year for the last several years I make a bunch of treats and put together cookie tins for all of the family and close friends in my life in lieu of presents. This year I made marshmallow fudge, mini banana bread loaves, oatmeal raisin cookies, and for those with dogs--homemade doggie treats!

Nick helped me the whole time in the kitchen, and even wore a Christmas apron with me! He is too cute. I was able to get everything done all while little Brad was taking his nap! I can't find the recipe on my Pinterest, I will have to get back to you on the link. But so far the 3 dogs that have tasted them LOVED them!

I was able to get my Grandma and Aunt's goodies all boxed up and shipped early Monday morning so hopefully they get there soon! I just have a few left to hand out.

I colored my hair Saturday--don't worry, nothing crazy! Just dark brown again to cover the never-ending grays. I swear every time my roots grow out they are worse than before! Thanks dad.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend and remembers the TRUE reason from whence our celebrations stemmed (yes I just said whence). We have lots of family coming over Christmas evening and I am in charge of a big turkey dinner! I can't believe Christmas is only 3 days away now! If only we had snow....


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