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Monday, November 28, 2011

You Know It's Christmas Time...

...when Crisp has his Santa hat on!!

Today was my *6th* day on call in a row and yes, I got called in every single day. Twice on Saturday for a total of 10 hours and twice today for a total of 4 hours. Needless to say I have felt a bit discombobulated these last few days and have pretty much lost track of what day it is. I really wanted to get my Christmas decorations up this weekend so I was very happy when I had time today!

We recently got our new router and streaming media device all hooked up to our TV and I discovered how awesome Pandora is! Any artist I love is on there--Charlotte Church, Robbie Williams, Bryan Adams, Michael Buble....on and on! So I listened to my faves while I transformed my house. It is 100x more awesome than the digital music channels were that we had with cable.

Here is the finished advent calendar I have been talking about! It is hanging on a wall right in my entry way so it is the first thing you see!

It is all felt and handmade by me! It took a LOT of time and patience but I am very happy with how it turned out and I know it will last for years to come.

I also made a little plush Santa (Nick said it looks like a voodoo doll) to move along in each spot while we are counting down to Christmas.

Now I just need to make one more crocheted stocking and put our names on them, then they can be hung on the mantle! It is so funny how every single year I forget how I decorated the year before and I end up putting things in all different places! And it is always a test to recall how in the world I got everything to fit into the totes...

I also have a couple pictures from our Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's on Thursday:

Brad was really good and had a blast playing with the older boys! We were planning on heading down to Foster to see Nick's family but had to cancel b/c I got called in that evening and Brad was cranky.

Tomorrow will be my first official day off since last Monday so I plan on enjoying it! I am going to finish up the decorating, maybe bake some bread, do some couponing, crochet some presents...


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  1. Love the Christmas deco!! & I LOVE pandora!! I put it on the Doris day channel and I'm in heaven! Your hair looks super pretty in your thanksgiving picture! Hopefully I will hear from you today!! Lots of news to share!! Love ya!


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