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Friday, November 25, 2011


Black Friday seems like an appropriate subject to relay some of my opinions on! Feel free to not read if you don't like other people's opinions...

Those who know me are aware that I am a pretty traditional, old-fashioned kind of girl. I value holidays, traditions, family time, dinners at the table, etc. Now that we have a son I feel these times are even more important for him to experience and remember growing up.

It saddens and angers me how it seems that every year becomes more centered around money, presents, gadgets, the latest and greatest...keeping up with the Jones' you could call it. I think it is ridiculous that almost every store opened at midnight (or earlier) last night just for black Friday sales, but almost equally ridiculous that there are people out there who are waiting in line for hours or days, spending hundreds of dollars going from store to store.

When did Christmas become this evil monster that people try to appease by blowing their budget on useless items that will be forgotten by February? When did businesses become so callused that the common employee who can't spend the holiday at home doesn't matter? When did shoppers become so blinded that physical harm is done in the name of a good deal?

I'm sure my opinions are in the minority--they usually are! But I employ the sentiment that the path of least resistance is not always the best path to take.

To play devil's advocate, I can empathize why some people feel compelled to be so materialistic--it is because that is what society jams down our throat every second of every day. Commercials, billboards, circulars, sales and gimmicks....companies are forever trying to make it "easy" to stay up-to-date and have the world at your fingertips. Almost every adult and now almost every child has the mindset that they can not live without their "**insert device name here**" and there is no end in sight.

Keep in mind that even just TWENTY years ago cell phones were rare, computers were for the rich, people would physically visit each other and write letters instead of just social networking. It is scary to think where we will be in another twenty years.

I realize that I have brought up two different subjects here but they are both part of the same entity--materialism. Christmas is NOT about the number of gifts you get or give, and life is not about how many different portable electronic devices you have. If you are able to afford tons of gifts for everyone on your list then good for you! If you don't have trouble keeping eye contact or conversations going without pausing to (rudely) check your smart phone for updates then congratulations! You are in the minority.

I'm sure if I had the fancy gadgets that I would love them, but I'm also sure that I would soon get to the point of feeling like I NEED them. And that is why I am putting up such a big fight. Thankfully Nick and I are on the same page with this about our own lifestyle and about Brad, so we will do our best to enjoy a simpler existence and all of the things in life that can't be replaced!


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  1. For children, if you use the three gifts of the wisemen, they will know that this is what to expect and will realize the excess "want" is not going to happen in a home focused on the real reason of Christmas. For the gift of gold: a garment, for frankincense: a fun item (that Santa may have brought) and for myrrh: a mentally challenging gift. How does the formula work...well, it has in my family. I found out I was using it unconsciously before I knew this. Brenda in Canada


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