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Monday, November 7, 2011

My Week Late Halloween Post

I was really busy right after Halloween and didn't get around to posting, then we got a virus on our computer and I LOST my pictures! Thankfully I had uploaded these few to Facebook so they were saved.

Up until the last minute our plans were up in the air! We wanted to meet with friends and trick-or-treat together but I had to work late and one of them had a class. But we both got away early and all met at my house just in time for after dark fun!

We all got in our costumes and started hitting up the neighbors all around us. There weren't as many participating as I remember from last year, but we did get a late start and they may have already closed up.

This pic is my favorite of the night: Nick in his ape costume holding Brad's hand ♥

After a few houses, Brad got pretty good about keeping his hat on and carrying his bucket (until it got too heavy).

Here we are at the house getting ready to head out: Me and Brad, Rachel and Jet, Zoe and Sarah

These are the kiddos waiting at a door for candy!

This is my sister-in-law Sarah and her little girl Zoe.

The Winn family

We all had a great time and the weather was just perfect. I threw a couple pizzas in the oven when we got home and we stayed up late watching a scary movie and snacking together!

So I'm sure most people have heard but we had a pretty big earthquake here in OK Saturday evening. It was actually the biggest in the state history--a 5.6! There was a 4.7 real early Saturday morning but I was asleep and did not feel that one. For the big one I was crocheting on the couch while Nick was at the gym and first I heard the cabinets rattling. Then when I started to feel the shaking I knew it was an earthquake. It lasted for at least a minute and got the chandeliers swinging back and forth. Nick missed the whole thing b/c he was on the treadmill :)

We had another one tonight and this time Nick and I were together in the kitchen. It wasn't near as strong--no swinging lights. The cabinets rattled for a bit and we could feel a little shaking. It was a 4.7 aftershock. Such craziness! I looked up the strengths of the last couple months' worth of earthquakes in CA and they are all 2s and 3s on the scale. So ours are way stronger than theirs! I did see on the news that several people in OKC had severe damage to their houses unfortunately.

In other news, I have been busy recently with several custom crochet orders! It is that time of the season that I love! Yesterday I actually made something for myself--a crocheted cowl scarf. I really wanted to make a grey one but didn't have enough yarn so I made it brown with an accent of green. I will take a pic of it soon for you! Next I want to make my little boy one!

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  1. It's been an interesting month already!! Definitely better than summer!

    Love the Halloween pictures, Bradley is so much fun!! <3


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