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Thursday, June 23, 2011

What I've Been Sewing Lately

Not 'sew' much sewing as I've been embroidering, but you get the idea! I have been able to squeeze some craftiness into my crazy life. This one is a vinyl apron that I shortened and embroidered a name onto:

My mom's best friend Cheryl is a hairdresser. One day Brad and I went with my mom up there to see her. Brad was wearing some shorts I made him and long story short--she asked if I could shorten her apron. When I got done doing that I decided to surprise her and embroider her nickname on it in her favorite color! She loved it!

This next one you may have seen on my Father's Day post previously. I appliqued a '1' on each shirt then embroidered 'Dad' on top. For my two favorite dads!

You may have also noticed an abundance of things embroidered with the name "Tinley". That is because my good friend Rachel is expecting a little girl next month and I love sewing for little babies! This kimono 0-3m shirt was an experiment with some techniques I hadn't tried before. I embroidered her name on the fabric, then appliqued it onto the kimono with matching lace tucked under the edges.

These burp cloths are pretty popular right now with the fabric appliqued on them, but I couldn't resist the combination of the bright colors and adorable fabric prints! Slap an embroidered baby's name on there and you have the cutest gift ever. I know I needed a million burp cloths when Brad was a newborn, so I hope she gets a lot of use out of these. (Also for sale in my shop)

I have also shortened several of Brad's pants into shorts for the summer, but I probably won't be taking pictures of them. They turned out well though, and I have more to do so that he has a full supply of shorts to dirty up!

I recently ordered another batch of prints for me to scrapbook. Hopefully I can get caught up on that soon and then get back to more sewing!

PS. We decided on where our next big trip will be, and I'm booking it today! More about that later on...


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