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Monday, November 9, 2009

They Grow Up So Quickly...

I had thought that my precious little angel was teething, and I was correct! He already has his two bottom teeth coming up!!! You can feel the tips just above the gum line. And he can roll over from his back to his stomach now. **sniff** my little baby is getting big too quick.

In other news, we spent the whole day today moving back to our house in Norman. Let me just say I hate moving. But it will be nice to be back in our own {big} house in a safe neighborhood. I am having withdrawals because I haven't been able to craft in awhile, so as soon as I get my stuff unpacked I'm hitting it hard! I have someone at work who is buying a hooded bath towel from me like I made in this blog so I need to get that done by Friday. Tomorrow I'm making a trip to Michael's and Hobby Lobby (my 2 fave stores).

Right now I am finishing up laundry and then I am going to bed. We are all very tired after today and I have bunches to do tomorrow.


  1. Oh my goodness! It is sad that they are growing up so quickly. No, we don't have any teeth yet, but I'm on the lookout because he definitely has all the symptoms. Thank the Lord for Baby Tylenol and Baby Orajel is all I can say!

  2. Glad you're all moved in. Your home is so adorably decorated for Thanksgiving. I'm so proud of your interest in making your home warm and full of taste in decorating and love....muah


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