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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Finding Good Deals for the New House

August will be here before we know it, so we have already started shopping for things we'll need at the new house. Patio furniture was at the top of the list so that we could immediately start enjoying the beautiful weather we have! And of course, we have to have two rocking chairs for the front porch! I ended up finding some great deals online at Sears, so I threw in a lawnmower as well to take advantage of free shipping.

The patio set was a great deal, plus I had a code to get an ADDITIONAL 10% off! I wanted a few more chairs to have plenty of seating for our large patio, but I couldn't find matching chairs individually. I ended up just buying 2 of the sets, that way I would have all the seating I wanted and it would all match so I wouldn't have to worry about getting another in the future. The rockers and lawnmower were also on sale, I qualified for free shipping, PLUS I earned $133 toward my next purchase just for making an account on the website! I put the purchase on my rewards credit card (which I pay off every month) so I also earned points toward free flights. I saved over $1000.

After looking at several stores for grills, we found a great deal on this one for only $99 at Christmas Tree Shops. It even has a burner on the side! We have really missed cooking out, so we will put this to use right away.

We want to change several of the basic light fixtures out for fancier ones, so we looked around and got some ideas for what we like. I like the pendant for our small entryway, the large chandelier for our main foyer, then the smaller chandelier for the dining room.

 We are having some work done on the kitchen before we move in, including countertops. I looked at the local Lowe's to see what my options were for solid surface countertops with beveled edges. I'm leaning toward dark gray or tan/brown.

And of course we'll have to get a few of these since we won't have AC anymore!


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