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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Valentine's Day on the Go

We spent our Valentine's Day on the road to check out a house for sale in Bolivar, a town that is 2 hours away. Nick went into work at 6 a.m. so that he could get off early, and I had a babysitter arranged to watch the boys at home.

It was a really pretty house, in a beautiful mountainous wooded area. It has been very well maintained with a lot of new updates, but there were several cosmetic things in a few structural things that we would want to change. The listed price is at the top of our range, so we are going to hold off on it for now. The search continues!

For our special Valentine's Day dinner, I had planned to do fondue at home. I had an assortment of things to dip in cheese, and things to dip in chocolate. We set down in front of the TV with our special meal and started watching one of our shows. But once we got done eating, we were both so tired that we couldn't even finish the show and went to bed early! How's that for an old married couple?

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