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Monday, May 16, 2016

A Trip With a Mission, and Jacob's First Flight

On Friday the 13th we flew with Jacob to Buffalo, NY with one mission--to find a house! We will be renting after we move while we are getting settled in, then we will look for a Victorian house to buy later on. Bradley stayed with my mom and I'm sure he had a fabulous time. Jacob went with us on his first big trip, and it was just as "fun" as we thought it would be..... We all survived in one little hotel room however, and the best thing is that we found a house! However you will have to wait until the next post to see it.

We flew from OKC to Baltimore, MD and had a 3hr layover there. Jacob napped for about 30min on the plane but for the most part he stayed entertained and kept us on our toes.

In this small world I ran into a former coworker on that plane who was heading to Baltimore for a conference! From there we had a short flight to Buffalo and landed around 830pm. We got our bags and rental car and finally made it to the hotel just after 9. Our room had a leaky toilet so they moved us, then we couldn't find the pacifier... Then we had to make a food run for milk and McDonalds. By the time we got to bed it was around 1130pm. We were all exhausted!

Our hotel is an Extended Stay hotel, so all the rooms have a full kitchen which is nice! It makes the burden of sharing a room with a toddler for 4 days a little more bearable.

The next day we had an appointment with a Realtor to view several rentals in and around Buffalo. She was very nice and we followed her in our car. The first one was a duplex in a beautiful neighborhood on a culdesac and a great price... But as soon as we pulled up she found out it has just been rented the day before. We looked at it anyways just in case, but as we were leaving I noticed a For Rent sign right across the road so I took down the number! We looked at a few more, but they were more than I wanted to spend on rent. We ended the afternoon with a couple more potential houses for Monday.

On our way back I called the number from the sign and arranged to go see it that evening. Well just before we went there, the Realtor called us to say the deal had fallen through on the duplex we looked at and it was now available! We decided to still look at the other one, and ended up loving it as soon as we walked in. The owner lives on one side and has maintained the house very well. He not only does all the yard work, but he will also do all the snow removal in the winter!!!! It's the perfect price and in an awesome neighborhood. I will show pics in another blog....

The next day we took a trip into downtown Buffalo to see the hospital I'll be doing my travel assignment at....

Today on our last day here, we of course had to go into Lockport and eat at our favorite Chinese buffet! We have eaten here every time we come to NY. Jacob loved it. 

Then we drove by the little hospital in Lockport.

From there we headed east to the outskirts of town.

I wanted to go see a house for sale that I've been eyeballing for almost a year online. It's in Gasport and is on 2.5 acres. We had to drive over this one lane bridge over the Eerie canal.

It is about 3,000 sqft I believe and has lots of potential!! Nick said he got a creepy feeling from it...

From there we headed north to see another of our favorites: Olcott! A beautiful quiet town on the edge of Lake Ontario.

Jacob had a fun day out, but he was ready to get out of the car and stretch his legs! We ate in for dinner and enjoyed a quiet evening on our last night here. We head home tomorrow afternoon, then it's back to work for me!


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  1. How exciting Kandace! Just one step closer! I love how God worked out your housing needs, what a blessing and answered prayer! Thank you for the pictures, I look forward to seeing many more. I am thrilled that your dreams are becoming a reality :) Please do consider taking me up on the invite I extended to you and your family to join me and my family for a service at Southwest Baptist Church. It will be well worth your precious little time remaining here in Okiehoma :) Your friend, Merrie


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