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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Trying to Enjoy the Summer

Yes it is the middle of July and we are just now getting our pool open! I have good reasons though. This has been a difficult summer--heck, it's been a difficult year! We are ready for it to be over already. Every day we have to remind ourselves of our blessings and that one day we will catch a break and have things go our way for a little while.

If you remember late last year I wrote about our neighbor threatening us with some old neighborhood bylaws that said we weren't allowed to have our camper? We wrote up some amendments and had them filed, but evidently our neighbor is best friends with a crooked lawyer and judge. He sued us over it in March and we just went to court on July 1. We thought we had a strong case against him since the rest of our neighborhood is doing the same thing we are....the judge thought differently. We had to immediately move our camper. We decided it would not be practical to store it somewhere so we put it up for sale. Thankfully some friends of mine that live here in Norman bought it so we should still be able to see it sometimes!

In addition, this year our truck's transmission failed and we had to get rid of it and get a different truck. Our pool pump broke, my car battery went out, the "new" truck engine went out and we have to put a new engine in it. Nick went out of town for 3 weeks to work and while he was gone (the week of my birthday) I somehow came down with pink eye, ear infections, and a sore throat (which I still have 4 weeks later). Then the next week Jacob got pink eye. Brad has been diagnosed this summer with severe allergies and asthma. Our mower broke and had to be fixed. Is there anything else? I'm sure I'm forgetting some things.

Did I mention Jacob had colic for his first 7 weeks? That was fun. And at 3 months old he still doesn't sleep longer than 4 hour stretches at night.....ha!

Nonetheless we still find moments of enjoyment and we are already working on a new plan to make sure next year goes much better. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!


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