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Monday, June 29, 2015

My 6 Year Old

(Yes he is wearing a cape--it was a birthday present)

Height: 46"
Weight: 43lb
At 6 years old you:
  • are full of energy and have a huge personality
  • love to be silly and make people laugh
  • are very smart and read at a 2nd grade level
  • do schoolwork for fun during the summer
  • love playing with other kids (big or little)
  • can ride your bike with NO training wheels
  • go to bed around 8pm and get up around 7am
  • rarely take a nap anymore
  • love school
  • are a great eater and not very picky
  • love being a big brother
  • really like going to VBS and you know a lot about Jesus
  • wear size 11 shoe and 5T clothes
At his checkup today he was diagnosed with asthma. His doc said that is common in children with allergies (which he has very bad). He has had an ongoing problem with a cough and clogged ears for about a year now. Bad enough to the point where he was sent home from school for the cough, and teachers thought he wasn't obeying in class but actually he couldn't hear them.

In May I took him in about his hearing issues and the cough. The doc said he had severe allergies and started him on Claritin and Flonase daily. They also said he had ear infections and he got antibiotics for that. I really didn't see any improvements with the meds so I took him back about a month later and he still had ear infections. They prescribed a stronger antibiotic. He finished that last week and I still didn't notice an improvement in his hearing. He has never complained of ear pain with this mind you.

So today when he asked if I had any concerns I said YES! His hearing and his cough! I don't want to keep shoving antibiotics in him when they aren't helping at all, and the cough is affecting his school attendance. He listened to his lungs and said he sounds wheezy and thinks the coughing is not only related to the allergies but also to asthma. So he ordered some Prednisone (steroid) and albuterol inhaler for the cough, and is going to refer him to an ear/nose/throat doc about the ear/hearing issue.

Hopefully we can get somewhere and have him fixed up before school starts in August. He is a trooper and I hate that he can't hear us and has to constantly say huh? and we end up getting frustrated that we have to yell or repeat what we say a million times so he can hear us. Cursed allergies! Adding it to the list of reasons to move.....


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