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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Bradley!

My boys!

Yesterday was my big guy's 6th birthday! We had his party today so that more family could make it. Yesterday I took him to a local arcade and he spent a few hours running around playing games and riding rides. After that I took him to Braum's for some ice cream then we headed out of town to pick daddy up! He is now FINALLY back home after being gone for 3 whole weeks. We have never been apart that long and we really missed him!

Brad's party was from 2-4 at our house and we had lots of family and friends join us to celebrate! Brad just loves having kids over to play with and they all spent most of the time outside running around. He got lots of great gifts and I know he will love playing with his new toys this summer.

 Regina and my brother Shane

 Reagan, Kenzi, and Dylan

 My SIL Sarah, my niece Kiara, my nephew Kavyne, and my other SIL Amy

My stepdad Gary and mom Kathy

My nephew Cameron

John and Charla

 Party favors!

 Playing with friends outside

Wearing his new shirt and shoes
Little brother trying to eat his hand
We all had a great time, and my brother Shane stayed the evening with his kids and joined us for a pizza dinner. I'm sure we will all sleep good tonight! Brad's checkup is Monday so I will post his stats then.


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