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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My 1 Month Old

Is anyone else amazed that little Jacob is already one month old?? I am!

at 1 month old you:

  • sometimes take 2 good naps for a couple of hours during the day and catnap in between
  • like to be held all the time...
  • don't like to sleep on your back
  • like your bouncy chair IF someone is bouncing you!
  • like to pee on daddy
  • sleep for 2-4 hours stretches at night
  • have your days/nights straight, but you like to go to bed late and get up early!
  • are wearing size 1 diapers (we are about to start cloth!) and 0-3mo clothes
  • don't really like being in your carseat
  • only have 1 pacifier brand that you like
  • are starting to smile at us
  • nurse every 1-2 hours during the day when awake
According to my at-home calculations, here is his current (approximate) stats:
Length: 22in
Weight: 12lb 
Here he is compared with Bradley at the same age:

Here is a pic of me and my babies on Mother's Day!

For the most part Jacob has been a decent sleeper at night. He usually goes down around 11pm in his crib and wakes up for feedings around 2am and 6am. He does not really like to go back to bed right away after the last feeding so sometimes I come downstairs with him until everyone else gets up for the day. By the time daddy gets back from taking Brad to school, Jacob is starting to get sleepy again and I can catch a bit more sleep!

We tried our cloth diapers on him a couple of weeks ago, but they are still a bit too big for his little legs and were leaking. We went back to disposables but I just got some different diaper covers that are smaller and should work for now until he grows into my other ones. We will try those out when we run out of the disposables that we already have. He has had a stubborn bout of diaper rash that we got some good cream for, but you can't use that with cloth so that's another reason we are waiting.


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