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Monday, May 4, 2015

Life With a 3 Week Old

That pretty much sums it up! Ha! My little guy is doing good and growing by the day. He seems to have some sort of a schedule already that we go along with. Our day starts around 9 or 10am (depending on how our night was) and for the most part he stays awake all day except for an occasional cat nap for 30-45min here and there. He nurses at least every 2-3hr and loves to be held all day! Around 10-11pm he starts getting sleepy and I try to tuck him in for bed. Sometimes he is ok sleeping in his bed, but sometimes he will only sleep with us. He typically sleeps for about 2hr at a time with an occasional 3hr stretch at night. The main issue is that I can't turn my brain off to go to sleep! I lay there for what feels like forever just wishing I could sleep while he sleeps since my windows of opportunity are so short.

Nick has taken over getting Brad up and off to school in the mornings. If I had a long night then he will take over baby duty around 8am while I try to catch a couple more hours of sleep. Once I get up in the morning and have a cup of coffee then I'm good to go for the day!

His big brother spent the weekend at his grandparents so that is a nice break for us at home to just have one kiddo to entertain. Brad loves playing with his cousin so probably doesn't miss us at all! Speaking of big brother...I took him to the doc today for a nagging cough and they said he also had a double ear infection--all from severe allergies! Poor guy. So now he will be taking antibiotics (for the first time in his life!) and daily allergy medicine. Oklahoma strikes again!

It's a little hard to believe that in just a week Jacob will already be a month old! I do love his squishy newborn cheeks but this every 2 hour stuff is for the birds! I'm ready for him to be a few months old and able to play and interact with us. I know Brad will love it when he is able to connect with him more.

I'm sure this month will go quickly. Brad's school is winding down and May 22 will be his last day of Kindergarten! He can't wait to be in 1st grade. Then it's Memorial Day, and we will be opening our pool soon after that. I'm sure me and the boys will be out there all the time this summer to beat the heat! It's been in the 80s quite a bit lately and I'm already over it. I was not built for hot weather!


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