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Sunday, February 22, 2015

{Robot} Baby Shower!

Today was my baby shower hosted by my SIL Amy and my mom! The theme was "robots" and everything turned out so well! We all pitched in to make it special. Handmade invites were sent out and since robot stuff is hard to find, we had to get creative with decorations! Amy drew this great banner:

There was lots of good snacks and desserts to munch on! We had fruit kababs, veggie cups, cupcakes, a robot cake, pinwheels, blueberry trifle, banana pudding, pretzels, crackers and dip, and blue punch. Yum! Check out this amazing robot cake that Amy made:



These little bags were filled with popcorn for take-home favors

There were 4 different games (with prizes!) that we had ready. For this one, you cut a string to the length you think will go around my belly! (My mom won this one)

There was also a word scramble (Regina won this) and a questionnaire to see how well everyone knew me! (Margaret won this one)

For this one we filled a large bottle with kisses and people had to guess how many were in it. There was 138 and Margaret guessed the closest at 132! She got to take home the candy.

Of course Brad wanted to help people fill out their answers!

 Everyone was so sweet to bring presents and baby Jacob got a lot of much needed goodies! We all had a fun time seeing what each gift was.

 Everyone had a great time and I am so appreciative for those who came to celebrate our new addition! I will leave you with a picture from our US on Thursday of what my little one's face looks like.....

Only 7 weeks left to go!


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  1. What a great party, and you look gorgeous! Getting closer to baby time!


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