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Monday, September 22, 2014

1 Year Later

I am coming clean about a little secret I've had that only certain people have known about me. I'm not proud of it but it's a part of who I used to be. I'm hoping that maybe my confession will touch someone with their own struggle and be some sort of inspiration!

One year ago this month I quit smoking! I had smoked for about 15 years. Never very much--no more than 5 a day. I quit for a year when I was pregnant with Bradley. Even though I was a "smoker" I still hated the smell of smoke and taste of it in your mouth. I really only kept doing it to relax and unstress.

Last August my brother completely quit smoking a pack/day and switched to vaping. I finally decided to give it a try since it only has nicotine in it instead of all the other nasty additives, plus you can control the level of nicotine. I switched over in September (with the lowest level of nicotine) and never looked back! I am not even tempted when someone offers me one or I'm around someone else smoking.

I of course have quit vaping (embryos don't like it!) and am proud to say I have zero desire to start smoking again! I feel strongly that vaping is an amazing technique to quit smoking or at least start weaning yourself off of cigarettes. There are so many awful chemicals and carcinogens in the cigarette, not to mention the second and thirdhand effects on those around you.

As a former smoker I can say from experience that quitting techniques are more effective when you can substitute the actual cigarette for something else to do with your hand and/or mouth. Just a nicotine patch or gum is nowhere near the same habit and even though you are getting the nicotine, your brain is still not fully satisfied. With vaping you still have the feeling of holding something and "smoke" but without the ash, smell, and carcinogens. You can slowly wean down your nicotine level until you don't need it anymore!

I kind of compare the idea to when I did a juice fast for a week. After 7 days of no solid food and only fresh fruit/veggie juice, I really missed eating! Even though I wasn't "hungry" and I was getting nutrition, my mouth and mostly my brain missed chewing.


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  1. Wow, Kandace! I did not expect this! I have smoked off and on for almost 10 years. Each time I was pregnant, I was able to quit cold turkey the very day I found out I was pregnant-but started up within six months of delivery each time. I quit 9 weeks ago on the vapor pen as well. I started on the lowest level of nicotine, too. I guess I'm coming of the closet too! I've always felt ashamed of myself because of my habit. Thank you for sharing this! You are such an encouragement :)


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