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Friday, August 22, 2014

We've Gone Public!

It's official! There's a baby in there! Only one stuck so *hopefully* this will be a normal uneventful pregnancy like last time! Today was our first ultrasound and I was SOOO anxious waiting for it to come around. I feel a lot better knowing that everything looks okay and is growing nicely!
I am 6wk3d along today and we were able to see the heartbeat! It was 122 and will get faster as it grows.
We go back in 2 weeks for our LAST visit with my specialist. After that I am released to my OB for regular prenatal care. I still have to continue the blasted Progesterone IM shots every single day until I am 10wk along. My poor little dorsogluteal muscles are very upset with me.
I didn't want to just post an US pic as our announcement so this is the pic I made:

I have one more pic in mind that involves Bradley, but that will have to wait until tomorrow because he is in bed! He's been a little pushy with his classmates this week so he has been put in time out every day at school so far....I'm hoping this "acting out" passes quickly and he goes back to his friendly self!
Thank you everyone so much who has been following our recent IVF journey. The support means more than you know to me. I am so very happy and blessed that it worked and I pray that this pregnancy will go well!


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  1. Thank you Lord for this baby! God Bless and grow this child, and prepare the 3p's for the fourth! :)


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