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Friday, July 25, 2014

IVF #2 Embryo Transfer Day

Say hello to my babies! These were the best 2 out of the 10 that fertilized. Please say a HUGE prayer for me that they stick!! The transfer was this afternoon at 3:30pm and my doctor came in on his day off to do it himself. Your bladder has to be full to help them visualize the uterus on the US and boy was mine F-U-L-L. After the transfer they had me lay there for 15 minutes before I got up. And that was it! My official blood draw for the pregnancy test is scheduled for August 6 at 9am. I have a handy dandy countdown on the side! ----------------------------------------->

As for my ovaries, they are slowly calming down and deflating. I weighed myself the day of my egg retrieval (Tuesday) and I was up TEN pounds from my usual!!! I have since come down 5 but can definitely feel the remaining 5 in my belly. I did a lot of reading about other people's experiences and it seems like that is the norm. All of the little follicles that get eggs removed fill with fluid after the retrieval, and some people get more fluid than others. It then spills over into the abdomen and makes you super bloated for up to a week or two. If it's really bad then it can impede your breathing and get into your lungs. This is known as OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) and can land you in the hospital. The doc has you watch for signs and symptoms for several weeks after the egg retrieval.

The progesterone shots are also no bueno.....I've had 5 so far and already my bum is getting sore. I have to continue one shot of it each day until I can convince the doctor to switch me to progesterone suppositories, or till 10 weeks.....whichever comes first!

With my first IVF I got a positive HPT on day 8 after the transfer, so I will not test at home until next Friday. My doctor compared the embryo's growth to my first IVF and he said they were almost identical. The two they transferred are just about the same quality as the two I had transferred in 2008. I hope that means at least one will stick!!

I'm trying to stay positive during this wait but it's oh-so-hard. I know I only have a 50/50 chance of it working so I have to be realistic. I hope these next 2 weeks fly by!!!!


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