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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 7

  • fatigue
  • crankiness
  • pin cushion
  • every other day doctor visits
  • junkie
  • bloated
  • bruised
  • intermittent painful twinges on ovaries

So yeah I am finishing up day 7 of my drugs! Ultrasounds have looked good but bloodwork has shown a rising estrogen level so they have been reducing my dosage of Gonal-F each day. I started stim drugs on Saturday with Gonal-F at 150U injections. On Tuesday I did 100U, on Wednesday I did 75U, yesterday I did 50U, and today they told me NO Gonal-F. I am still doing 5U of Lupron each day as well as 75U of Menopur.

I had a doctor visit this morning and my follies are getting big! They measured 9 on each side, and there were several smaller ones that weren't measured. They initially made my next visit for Sunday morning, but after the bloodwork came back they called and want me there tomorrow morning for another US and more blood draws. I am *crossing fingers* that they do the retrieval on Monday. I am ready to be done with this and move on to the next step!

I would definitely say the most prominent "side effect" is fatigue. I sleep 8-9 hours a night and am still exhausted through the day. They said that is from the high estrogen level (mine today is about 2,200). How fun! I also feel like I have more hair falling out than usual, but that might just be me....

As for the shots, I have found the most comfortable way to inject them is to keep the Menopur on the abdomen, and the Gonal-F and Lupron on each arm. The Menopur burns and is the most volume so I just alternate sides each day. One of my Lupron shots was given a bit too high up on my arm and resulted in a nasty looking bruise that has hung on for a few days now. I now do the fat-pinching while hubby gives the injection, that way the location is where it should be....

Hopefully tomorrow they will give me more of an idea when the retrieval will be. I asked my doc today about it and he said most likely Tuesday or Wednesday. That's why I was surprised when they called and wanted me back in tomorrow morning. Maybe my little follies are growing faster than they thought!

Wish me luck, patience, and tolerance.


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