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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Check Out Our New Toy....

Yes we finally found one that was right for us! I have been looking for a vintage camper for several months now and was getting a bit disheartened that I hadn't found a good lead yet. Usually if everything looked in decent condition there would be a problem with the tag, title, or price. There definitely aren't that many of these around here, and they sell quickly when posted online. I happend upon this on on craigslist and was able to look at it (and buy it!) the same day!

It is a 1968 Playmor and has pretty much been redone inside and out! It is ready to take camping as soon as we bring it home. It is just what I was looking for--small with two bed, a mini-kitchen, and no bathroom. I didn't want a bathroom because I don't want to deal with "holding tank" nastiness. The only bad thing is that this one didn't come with a fridge but it does have a spot for one and it should be easy to find. It is very clean will fit nicely in our driveway. We are bringing it home on Saturday!

The other thing we have to do pretty quickly now is sell Nick's PT Cruiser and buy an SUV to pull the trailer with! We have already found several potential ones that he is going to check into tomorrow. I can't wait to take it out soon for our first family camping trip!!!!

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