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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Night of Great Music

On Sunday I took my mom on a roadtrip to Tulsa for one of her early birthday presents--a Tony Bennett concert!! We both love his music and of course he is a classic from the good ole' days. I picked her up and we hit the road in the afternoon.

 Before the concert started we found the venue (Tulsa Performing Arts Center) downtown and figured out where I would park. After that I felt a little more relaxed that we knew for sure where we were going so we stopped at a Spaghetti Warehouse for some appetizers and drinks before going to the show.

We parked right across the street and joined the crowds of people going into the theater. Our seats were in the balcony so we got comfy in our seats and waited for the show to start at 7pm.

His daughter Antonia Bennett sang for about 30 minutes before Tony came out. It was the same style of music but I didn't really care for her voice. Tony came out around 7:30 and he stole the show! He was amazing and surprisingly spry for being 87 years old!! His voice was like velvet and he sounded just like he does on the radio. He sang song after song and danced around on the stage. It was a simple band, and some songs he sang with just the guitar or piano. The very last song he sang without a microphone and he just belted it out! We had a fantastic time.

On our way out we passed a building with my name on it so I had to take a picture!


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