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Friday, November 22, 2013

Kitchen Remodel Phase III: Complete! New Countertops

We are almost done with our kitchen facelift!! The countertops are officially complete and we are pausing the final phase until after Thanksgiving. Here is the before/after picture.....

The old laminate had seams along the sink here, and now there are NONE.

You may or may not recall the ancient stainless cooktop that was here before? When it was removed and the cabinets were cut out to make room for the new range, it left about a 2" gap on each side of the new range. We fitted on some custom wood pieces and once we painted and relaminated them, you can't even tell!! It is seamless now.

The old laminate also had a large seam on this countertop, which now it does not!

Yay! All of the tools are out of my kitchen, all appliances are back in their homes, and *most* of the dust is cleaned up. I am so beyond happy to see those white counters gone! I love the black, I love the contrast with the cream cabinets, and it really does go well with the black appliances and bronze hardware.

Phase IV will be tiling the backsplash, and we expect to start on that in the beginning of December. Phase V is the fun one where I get to decorate! New hand towels, washcloths, curtains, and dishes! Check back soon!

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