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Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Preschooler!

 My little man has his first week of school under his belt and he has done great! No tears, no fits, and no phone calls from the school! We have a good routine down and found a quick route to bypass all of the other parked parents waiting in line to pickup/dropoff their kids. When it is not so hot we will be walking him to school. He loves his class and his teacher, and they have a snack every day after recess. He has already had a couple "homework" assignments, and next Friday he is the snack helper!

I won't claim full creative credit for these, but I replicated some cute ideas for back-to-school pics from Pinterest! I loved how they turned out, and now I just have to keep it up every year :)

For this one the idea is to wear the same shirt in the pic every year and you can watch as they get bigger and grow into it until the year they graduate!

His backpack fits him perfectly and he loves the responsibility of wearing it and putting his papers in it. In this pic it was his first day and he was literally running to the school to go in!


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  1. Those are great ideas!!! Great school pics!!! It's such a blessing when children LOVE school!!! Your baby is just growing into the most handsome little boy. :)


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