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Sunday, June 2, 2013

June is Here

Where has the time gone?? June is already here and the year is half over. My birthday is in 10 days, my son will be 4 in a few weeks and starting school, Christmas is in 6 months.........eek!

I don't know if it's just me, but every year I feel like the first few months consist of getting used to the "new" year and new things, different weather, etc. When June gets here is when I realize holy crap--the year is almost over and I feel like we are just getting started!

Here in lovely Oklahoma our weather has been a bit crazy. If you watch much of the news I'm sure we have made national headlines with our many destructive tornadoes and flooding. Usually our crazy weather is in April/May then by June it is gone and we have temps over 100 thru August. Not so much this year! The temps have been much lower than usual--70s-80s so far--and our severe weather has come later on in May and is still going now in June.

If you are aware of my desire to move out of state, you already know how I feel about the weather here....recent events have only solidified those feelings. Fearing for your life, house, and safety every spring is no fun. And usually I'm stuck at work during all of this so I can't even be with my family in the hard times. Plus it is super hard to travel back and forth thru damaged areas with closed roads and out-of-towners driving 5mph to see the disaster zones.

Unfortunately this is something we must deal with in Oklahoma, and every day we are thankful that we can see another sunrise and sunset. Some people have had that privilege taken away from them by mother nature. We try to not get too crazy and succumb to all of the hype. In the end, if a storm comes there isn't much you can do except for take shelter and pray.

As for our house, it is still for sale and only has 2 months left on the listing. We still get frequent showings but no serious lookers. In fact, we have recently had some issues during showings so now Nick insists on being present with the realtor in our house. We have had such a disheartening experience with trying to sell our house, it feels like it will never happen. It is not in our hands so we will accept the path that is chosen for us!


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