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Friday, May 17, 2013

Things to Enjoy

It is a lovely rainy Friday, and I am off of work! I am sitting here this afternoon enjoying a quiet house while my little one sleeps. Tonight Nick and I are going on a fun date to see Jerry Seinfield live downtown! We both love the Seinfield show and he is a great comedian. It will be a great evening!

Today I'm just sharing some new things I have gotten recently! This was about a week ago, but my favorite coworker Viet gave me this bouquet from her garden They are peonies, sage, and rosemary. It smelled divine!

I branched out of my comfort zone of neutral-colored purses (white, black, grey or brown) and got an AQUA purse! It is my favorite color so I thought it was a good one to start with. I got a new wallet also with the same fake croc skin look but in black.

One thing my mother requested for Mother's Day was a hummingbird feeder. When I picked hers out I decided to get one for myself also! It is hanging in my back by the deck above my new birdbath....


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