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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring is Here

The days are warmer, the sunset is later, and the trees are blooming! Don't get me wrong--I love winter and love the snow--we just never get a true "winter" here so I try to look forward to the changing seasons.

Last week I planted a bunch of grass seed and caught up on some yardwork. Brad helped me plant several bulbs of garlic, as well as some basil and cilantro seedlings in a greenhouse. Nick informed me yesterday that some squirrels had dug up the garlic so hopefully they will recover! Any rain we get is few and far between so I have to be diligent to water water water.

We haven't showed our house since our return from Seattle and it is hard not to get disheartened. I keep telling myself that it will pick up when the weather is nicer, when people get their taxes filed, when school is out.....it is out of my hands so it does no good to worry! Next month is our halfway point in the listing so we will drop the price to see if that helps.

As far as Plan B, we find out on April 1 if Bradley got into the local primary school.

Easter is just around the corner, and I did some festive designs on my nails to celebrate....

My mom is cooking a big Easter dinner with an egg hunt so I'm sure all of the little ones will have a blast! As Brad gets older it is so fun to watch him grow each holiday and see him enjoy it more and more!

This week was Spring break (for most) and the way I celebrated was by working extra! How fun. Hopefully the reward will be noticeable on my next payday :)

We are all looking forward to our Denver trip in May. I have been looking up fun family things to do and have found several that look neat. Ideas so far are the US Mint, a gold mine tour, and dinner at Casa Bonita. I'm sure we will also drive into the mountains, and I would love to go thru the historical Victorian towns that are around.

I seem to have been in a creative rut for awhile--yes I crocheted a ton of headwarmers/hats during the winter, but I have not scrapbooked for close to a year! I think I am overwhelmed by it because I have so much stuff that when I get it all out, I can't put it away till I am done. I have *briefly* considered getting out of my typical scrapbooking and starting to preserve our family photos in some other less hands-on way. I don't think I will revert to that until absolutely necessary, maybe when a second little one comes along....

Right now I am psyching myself up to go get a ton of photos developed and just knock it out. With Brad's fourth birthday on the horizon as well as him starting school--I will only get further behind! This has always been a fun hobby for me and I don't want it to become a burden by getting behind. We always find time for the things that are important to us!


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  1. Love the nails! I completely understand the loss of time for scrap-booking. The only scrap-booking Ive done is an hour with Desiree and her Scrapbook. The free time gets less and less as there becomes more children and as they get older. I think its normal though. Our kids interests change and we have to be more involved in those interests with them. I started the normal photo albums over a year ago and I'm even behind on that. Try not to get discouraged. Your a very creative thinker you will get all the things done you want. :)


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