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Friday, January 18, 2013

Hats and House Updates

Somehow two weeks have slipped by since I blogged last! Lots has been going on--this new year is keeping us busy! Our big 10 year anniversary was yesterday, but I will save that for another blog.....

In my last blog I listed a few things we needed to get done before listing our house for sale. A couple of those we definitely wanted to do before a party that we are having tomorrow night! The first was painting some paneling in our living room:

 This wall is much bigger so we are saving it for after our party. The white really brightens up the room and looks great with the dark trim!

A friend of mine ordered several hats for her newborn photo shoots so I got to be creative! She emailed me pictures of ideas she liked and I was able to replicate all of them perfectly without a pattern to follow.

I have since received orders for EIGHT more hats! I am going to be a busy girl the next few days. I am very grateful to have this hobby that I love and can also make some money with!

Check back soon for pictures from our anniversary celebrations and to find out what all we did!

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