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Saturday, December 8, 2012

The End of a Busy Week

 And boy I am thankful for a couple days off! Last Sunday we went to get our fresh Christmas tree! It is smaller than previous ones we have gotten but beautiful still and it smells so good! It is the finishing touch on the decorations in our home.

 I was out back one evening and saw this little guy ^ back there....

Monday I had a booth at a craft show in my local YMCA. It was their first one and it was pretty slow but I sold several items and had a good time!

Tuesday I was supposed to work but my boss furloughed me for low census. So instead we decided to join up with my brother, sis-in-law, mom and stepdad and all head down to Nick's parents' house in the country for the afternoon. We all had a great time talking and drinking coffee, then we all ate dinner at a restaurant before heading home. That evening I went out for sushi with a girlfriend then to see a movie.

I worked long hours on Wednesday and Thursday, and had requested the day off Friday but offered to come in voluntarily for mandatory inventory that my surgery area was doing...I ended up being there for almost 8 hours!

Today was another craft show at the fairgrounds that I usually have a booth at. My mom joined me for this one and we had a fun time hanging out all day. My booth was assigned in a slower area than I've had before but we made the best of it and made a lot of sales!

I am off the next two days and am HAPPY for some down time. I still have several orders to finish but at least I don't have other deadlines looming. It is finally  supposed to get cold tomorrow and Monday so I plan on doing my holiday baking then! I need to get out some packages in the mail before it gets too close to Christmas. I have handed/mailed out around 40 cards already, but have only gotten 3 in return....it seems the days of card exchanges are going away.

Here is another style of headwarmer that I finished today for the OU fans....

Today is my brother's 31st birthday so tomorrow we are all getting together for lunch and cake in the afternoon. Have a good weekend!


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