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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Week of Updates

This has been an interesting week for us. Nick was playing with Brad last weekend while I was at work and in a freak accident one of Nick's back molars was broken by a toy...thankfully he wasn't hurting too bad so we were able to hold out until Monday to see a dentist. They did an exam and xrays (it had been awhile since his last checkup) and the doc said he needed two fillings, and had a wisdom tooth that was dead from a filling that was done wrong. He wanted to put a crown on the wisdom teeth and the broken tooth but with our lack of insurance that would have cost around $6000! Ha, we said thanks but no thanks, just pull the suckers out. That (plus the two fillings) brought our cost down to just over $500. They scheduled all of this to go down on Wednesday.

Nick went in Wednesday by himself while I stayed home with Brad. 3 hours later the office called and asked what pharmacy we use so they could call in 4 prescriptions....seemed like a lot but they said he did fine and was on his way home. However, Nick told a different story when he got home! They did the two filling fine but when the doc started to pull the wisdom tooth it broke at the gum line. Evidently the roots on it were twisted in different directions instead of straight so he dug for 3 hours trying to get all of the roots out so they wouldn't infect the jaw. The dentist also told him his has torus which is basically a thickening of the bone. In the end he was not able to get all of the roots out, hadn't even touched the broken tooth, and Nick had been tortured enough! They stopped and scheduled him to have the roots surgically removed Monday morning after a weekend of healing and antibiotics. They won't be able to touch the broken tooth for over a month when he is well enough.

My boss was kind enough to let me off of work on Thursday so that I could stay home with him and try to help keep his pain controlled. It's been rough so far for him but he is trying to keep his spirits up. The pain meds aren't helping very much so we are definitely going to ask for different ones on Monday.

In the midst of all of this I spent all of Friday and today helping my mom with her garage sale! My brother and sis-in-law were also there and we moved a lot of merchandise. The weather was nice but very windy!

I have to work Monday and Tuesday so Brad is going to stay a few nights with Nick's parents to let him rest while I am gone. On Thursday my dad, his gf, my brother and his wife are all going with me to a Christian concert of Newsboys. The week after that is Thanksgiving!!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, let me catch you up on my daily thanks for the month:

4.-i am thankful today for having a nice house in a good neighborhood where I don't have to worry about crime anymore. and yes i have worked hard for it

5. i am thankful that as i became an adult my mother Kathy turned into my best friend

6. i am thankful i have the right to vote

7. i am thankful we can afford needed medical care when it happens....

8. i am thankful to have reliable transportation, and a hubby that knows cars in and out!

9. -i am thankful for a husband who is a great father and has had the opportunity to spend Brad's first years as a stay-at-home dad.

10. -i am thankful for the close family that i have and that we all try to get together as much as our schedules allow!     


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