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Sunday, September 23, 2012


We made it to Florida! This is our second day here and we are having a great time. The condo turned out to be AMAZING--in location and quality! The drive ended up being just under 13 hours which is better than the 14 hours I estimated. Brad was an angel for the whole thing! We left our house at 11:30pm and didn't arrive until about 1pm the next day. Brad only slept a total of around 3 hours the entire drive. He watched cartoons for some of it but mostly sat there quiet or singing songs and looking around.

I navigated the old fashioned way via map and didn't get out the GPS until we crossed the Florida border and headed for the final destination. We drove thru Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama on our way here.

We brought lots of snacks, drinks, and food for breakfast so we have been eating one fast food meal a day, and one nice meal a day. Yesterday for dinner we ate at an amazing Mexican restaurant called the Cactus Flower Cafe. Today for lunch we ate at at Vinny R's Italian Restaurant and were again impressed with the food!

The weather here is picture-perfect. It feels like we are on summer vacation even though it is almost October. There is not many people on the beach and I'm sure once the work week starts tomorrow there will be even less. The best news is that we haven't seen any jellyfish! You may or may not recall how every beach trip we have been on in the last few years has been foiled by broods of jellyfish taking over the shores and water. None here! No storms, no clouds, no problem!

That's all for now, I have pics posted on Facebook but I will post pics on here after we get home.


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful road trip down! We are IN LOVE with the East Coast! It's amazing how the water is warmer and the jelly fish just are simply out of site! Take lots of pics and have tons of fun!


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