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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ding Dong the Deck is Done!

 We actually finished it on Saturday but I have been too busy to post pics until now! Do you remember this picture from when we ripped out the bad wood?

...then we replaced that half and some boards on the other....

....and we finally finished painting the ENTIRE thing! It took forever (and 5 gallons of deck paint) but we got it done and it was so worth it!

I'm glad we finished Saturday because we got a little bit of rain on Sunday. The color is great and contrasts well with the green of the trees and the light colored brick of the house. The new wood blends perfectly with the old wood and you can't tell the two apart! 

I will be building some simple bench seating soon and that will get painted to match. We are having a big cookout and pool party on Saturday to show off our hard work! I'm sure we saved at least $1500 by doing it ourselves.

In other news, only 2 1/2 more weeks until we return to western NY! I have been talking to a realtor to arrange for a meeting and possibly some showings while we are in town.

I went to check our local YMCA on Sunday. I took Brad and he got to play in the nursery while I tried out a few machines in the fitness room. When I was done I picked up Brad then grabbed the list of classes that are available. I think the first one I will try is the 25 minute abs class, then I really want to do the hour long Zumba class!


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  1. The deck looks great!!!! I'll bet your excited about NY!!! Good luck and I hope you both find the place you want there! :)

    Ps Zumba is amazing! I do it at home and it's the best all over work out I've ever done!!! I hope you enjoy it!


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