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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pictures from the Week

Today we all ventured into the city to check out a small carnival that popped up! Brad got to ride his first pony and he loved it! We got a bite to eat nearby then spend some time at my parents' house.

Here is some gorgeous new thread that I received in the mail from online. I caught wind of a one day sale on a blog I follow and I jumped on it! Each spool (with shipping) was around $1 each!!!!

Last night I picked up my mom and we headed downtown for a special ballet show--The Wizard of Oz! This was my early Mother's Day present to her, and we both had an amazing time. I love the ballet and how creative they are to tell a story with only dance and music. For this ballet, the entire music score was composed and directed by the conductor there!

And here is a random pic of my little guy doing one of his favorite things--playing in momma's laundry basket. He sits on it and in it, he puts his cars in it, he pushes it around...maybe I should get him one for his birthday? Ha!

 Speaking of my little one, his potty training is going great! He has been accident-free for about 3 weeks now and tells us {on his own} whenever he needs to go. Even when we are outside, at the store, or at another house he lets us know. If we are away from a bathroom he holds it until we get to one. I'm so proud of my big boy!


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  1. Looks like little man had a good time at the carnival!!! He's getting so big and so cute!!!


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