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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and got to enjoy some quality family time! We spent Sunday at my mom's house for a delicious dinner and egg hunt. I tried a new technique for making hard-boiled eggs:

I baked them! (*This is not my picture, it is from the webpage) I did the same thing as shown--lined them up right on the rack and baked at 325 for 30min. They turned out great! A lot easier than getting a pot dirty, waiting for the water to boil, counting the minutes.....just throw them right into the oven and set a timer and walk away. I'm sold!

Here is little B in his Sunday best:

My brother's girlfriend brought her two kids over and Brad had fun hanging out with the big boys!

We had to do an indoor egg hunt b/c of recent rain, but the boys didn't mind! I had to get creative with hiding the eggs....

This is our 3rd week into potty-training Brad so I thought I would share our updates:

  • He now tells us when he needs to go pee. He only has an accident once every few days.
  • He wasn't telling us at all when he needed to poop--until today! He went in the potty for the first time!
  • He has started occasionally crying wolf about going potty...he likes to sit up there and play, then throw a tantrum when I take him off.
  • He still gets a gummy bear when he successfully goes potty
  • He still wears a diaper during naptime and bedtime, but sometimes wakes up with a dry one after a nap.
  • He has been on several outings with no diaper and has done very well!
I am so so proud of my little boy! I had been dreading potty-training, and was okay with putting it off until kindergarten! He took to it like a champ though. Such a proud momma!


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  1. I'm glad to see someone actually tried the baking method. I saw that on Pinterest and was wondering if it worked. I think I'll try that too next time. Good for you for climbing over the potty training hurdle! It will be a long time before all of mine are out of diapers!


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