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Monday, January 2, 2012

Juice Fast Day 2

Two days down, eight to go! I don't FEEL hungry but I still WANT food. It's tough, but it just shows how dependent our culture is on food. We use it for everything--reward, boredom, birthday, anniversary....but I'm staying strong and heading for my goal of 10 days. Nick is still hanging in there too I am happy to say!

Since we never really eat breakfast, we decided to just do two juices a day. I guess you could call this our "brunch" juice:

1/2 cucumber
4 apples
1/2 pineapple

It made about 24oz and I thought it tasted pretty good. Nick did not like it. Even with just half a cucumber in there I could still pinpoint the flavor. The pineapple was nice! I still have half of it plus another whole one to use.

Our dinner was:

5 carrots
2 apples
2 stalks celery
1/2 beet
thumb size ginger root

That beet is some potent (and staining) root! I never bought fresh beets before this, and I'm glad I only used half of one. This combination made 24oz and smelled like dirt. It tasted alright to me, Nick said it was the worst so far. HA!

As you may see, I am trying to do fruity stuff in the morning and more vegetably stuff in the evening. I sip mine slowly but Nick chugs his and is done. I drank about another 3 glasses of lemon water today. I haven't noticed any unusual symptoms, but Nick says his tummy has been rumbling...as for weight loss:


If that keeps up it will be worth it (to me)! We will see in the morning.

Here is a taggie blanket I finished tonight for a friend at work. I am also working on a 1st birthday bib for her.



  1. That's how it is when Brannon & I use our juicer! I'm more of a sipper and he is definitely a chugger! I love adding ginger to whatever we're juicing! Beets a much better baked in my opinion, but regardless they are SO good for you! The doctor actually told brannon to eat beets after his accident because it help promote good blood production.

    Pineapple is the best too!

    Congrats on the two pound weight loss, can't wait to see what it reads tomorrow!!

    You're doing great :)

  2. Good job! Im gonna use a beet tonight so judging from ur advise i will only use 1/4. I am doing the same as you more fruity during the day and more veggies during the night. I'm gonna weigh myself tomorrow morning. I hope to see 2 pounds like u! The blanket you made is super cute!!! Good job!! I wish i could make one like that my friend is having a baby in a few months. Have a good night! Catch up with you tomorrow. And your so lucky you are onyl doing 10 days lol .. I feel like there is a lifetime ahead of me! :)


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