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Friday, October 21, 2011

Busy Bees

I haven't had much big stuff to blog about recently, just little everyday life happenings that seem to take up all of your time! The car we purchased recently to flip is now finished and listed on eBay! We will {hopefully} make a good sale on it after all of the hard work that Nick put into it.

Here are some hats I have been making for orders...

Brad is growing up into such a smart little boy! I'm sure all mothers think that about their kiddos. We are trying to get him used to using utensils, and here he is eating his veggies:

I recently went thru his winter clothes that were all 2T (he was still wearing some 18mo). I washed them and got them into his closet to prepare for cooler weather! I ran into a few blank shirts with no designs on them, so I am taking advantage of a blank canvas and embroidering them!

It is so funny how he acts when both Nick and I are around. If it's just daddy, Brad is quiet and plays with his toys without causing a fuss. But as soon as I walk in, he gets all excited and forgets that Nick even exists. Pretty much from then on, I have to hold him or at the very least be in the same room with him. If I leave he throws a fit (for about 30 sec) then gets over it. He doesn't really mind when daddy leaves ;)

It has gotten chilly around here FINALLY and we are loving it! For about the last 2 months we were just opening our windows at night to cool it down and hopefully not have to use the AC during the day. But we got a big cool front in this week and some areas are getting down to freezing at night! This weekend is supposed to warm back up to almost 80, but I do believe we are *almost* ready to put away the summer clothes!

I decided at the last minute to have a Halloween party next week. We kind of had one last year but it was just family over for snacks then we all went trick-or-treating together. This year I am making cute Halloween-themed snacks/drinks and encouraging people to wear their costumes! I have invited several friends from work so I am curious to see how big the turnout is!

On the subject of planning things, I have decided what day I'm cooking our own Thanksgiving dinner and what the menu will be. I love cooking for the holidays and having family over! But the thing I am MOST excited about planning is--our 10 year anniversary!! It is *only* 14 months away and will be here before we know it! I want to do it up big because I mean really--how many couples who married so young made it to 10 years!!?? No details yet, but I am working on it!


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