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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another Craft Show Done!

Today was my fall craft show! It was at the same venue that my last several ones have been, and almost at the same booth! My mom went with me this time too, but she was just moral support this time! She has hung her crafting hat up for now.

I pretty much had all of my supply done and ready, but I still managed to stay up until 2:30am the morning before working on--my apron!

I worked an almost-13 hour shift and got off just before midnight, then had to relearn my embroidery software to design the font, then convert the file, then get my card reader to work with Windows 7.....yuck! I was bound and determined, and I am happy I stuck it thru.

I did pretty good, but I do feel that this show was slower than previous shows here. Maybe the weather was too nice for people to waste time at a craft show? Who knows! I'm happy there are more people out there who are wearing my things and like them!

You will notice in the next picture one of my newest investments--baby heads! I bought 2 styrofoam infant heads to display my baby hats. They weren't as small as I would have liked but they still worked out well.

I added a jack-o-lantern face to one of my pumpkin heads for a display idea and it got great comments! If you want to snag one before Halloween you can email me at kandyskrafts@gmail.com .

The day went by fairly quickly and several friends and family came to see me! It was a blessing to see each familiar face come and support me at my show and I thank you! My next one is the beginning of December at the same place. I am taking a little break and going to work on crafts for myself! I have a Christmas advent calendar that won't make itself ;)


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