This blog was started in 2008 when we did IVF for the first time to build our family after 5 1/2 years of infertility. We now have 8 and 2 year old boys (thanks to modern medicine) and we are enjoying our blessed life as parents ♥ In the summer of 2016 we took another huge step and moved across the country from Oklahoma to New York! This blog is about life and everything in between

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Foreigner and Journey Concert

Yesterday evening I had a great night out with my dad and brother! We all went to go see Foreigner and Journey in concert in OKC. Night Ranger opened for them, but I didn't know any of their songs--sorry! The bands sounded great and it was very LOUD. I never thought an outdoor venue would be one of the loudest I had been to.

I would estimate there to have been around 10,000 people there. The weather was perfect--it was right at sunset and the temp was probably 65-70.

Night Ranger was first, then Foreigner, then Journey finished out the evening. The concert started at 7pm and we left at the last song around 11pm.

^I recorded part of this piano solo for my momma

After the 30 minutes it took to get out of the parking lot, my dad came back to our house and ended up hanging out with us until almost 2:30am! We had a great time.

I have been putting the finishing touches on things for my craft show Saturday, and I believe I am pretty much done! Here is a pic of my latest creation that is going to be for sale in my shop and at the show:

Is that not the cutest thing ever????


Friday, September 23, 2011

Our New Toy

This is a 1930 Bentley (kit car) that we bought on Wednesday! No it is not a permanent addition to our family. This was purchased to fix up and flip! Nick has such a nack for that kind of thing that I gave him free reign with our savings account...he assures me this one is a gem!

It looks great, drives great, and has a clean title---all very hard things to come by with an old car! He won't need to do much to it before it's ready to go. I recommended placing an ad for people to rent it for photo props!

As for Bradley...well he thinks this is his new toy. He absolutely loves it and helped Nick "work" on it all day today. As soon as he got up and went downstairs, he ran to the back door and wanted to go out to the garage to sit in it! We have been taking him for little rides down the street to our local park and he does great.

Other than this, I have been busy crafting away for my first fall craft show of the year. It is one week from Saturday and I have 80% of my projects done. I had a few days off in a row this week so I took advantage of it!

I added onesie dresses to my stock for the first time, so hopefully they sell good. They are priced cheap and look adorable, so usually that works in my favor! I placed them in my online shop also for those who are interested...


Saturday, September 17, 2011


Here is my little one who finally figured out how to ride his tricycle this week! He got his first bike on his second birthday in June and we have been working with him since then. He could pedal a couple of turns, but would stop and not know what to do.

The other day I took him out in our cul-de-sac with his bike and all of a sudden he took off! It was the cutest thing...until he came to the street and wanted to keep going! There was a tantrum and I ended up carrying him and his bike inside...but he is getting better! I guess learning boundaries is a part of becoming more mobile :)

Today was our walk for Alzheimers downtown. We showed up about 30 minutes early and grabbed some breakfast food that they had available for participants. There were tons of people there with lots of entertainment. I wish I had brought my camera but unfortunately I did not. A lot of the walk was uphill, and I ended up carrying Brad for about the last half mile but otherwise everything went great and I am happy we did our part to support research for this disease and remember our grandparents who suffered from it.

Tonight we are having dinner with friends in the city. I am on call this whole weekend but am hoping to get plenty of time in to craft! I just realized today that my craft show is not in three weeks, but in TWO weeks!! I need to buckle down and crank up my sewing machine full blast!


Friday, September 16, 2011

A Special Post

Yes this is my 300th post! I just wanted to get on here briefly and bring all of my readers' attention to the sad disease of Alzheimers.

My grandfather Joseph Lazzaro suffered his last years becoming more and more debilitated by Alzheimers, eventually ending in his death several years ago. He was incoherent, couldn't talk, couldn't stand or walk, and couldn't feed himself or take a drink.

Nick's grandmother Ella White was also stricken with the disease and was bedridden for many years before she passed away. She had to be fed, changed, and repositioned by family caretakers the last 4 years of her life with only an occasional moment of clarity and speech.

Please click here and donate ANY amount toward the research for this devastating disease and a cure. Nick, Brad, and I are participating in a charity walk on Saturday morning in OKC as part of our support for this organization. Every little bit helps!!


Monday, September 12, 2011

County Fair 2011

This weekend was our Cleveland County Fair in Norman and of course we had to go! Last year was our first time going and we absolutely loved it. We loved the simplicity of it, the old-fashioned feel, the good prices, and ease of access. But last year Brad was only a little over 1 and wasn't walking so he didn't really know what was going on. This year he was able to run around, pet animals, and really enjoy it!

They had a free hayride there, so Brad got to take his first hayride! He just sat there quiet the whole time looking at everything.

He LOVED the carousel--I mean he did not want to get off. I had to peel his hands off of the rail.

After the carousel we went and got a funnel cake and lemonade that we all shared. It was a nice treat. We saved the Ferris wheel for last!

We all had a good time, even though little boy was cranky from not taking a nap. He fell asleep on the way home with a belly full of funnel cake.

I got a video of him riding his trike finally! I will post that next time....


Sunday, September 11, 2011


My mom got my baby this toy mower recently and it has become his new favorite! We took him outside today and sat on the porch while he went round and round in circles pushing his little mower...

Today I had an old friend come over for a nice long visit where we exchanged crafting ideas and showed off our projects to each other. When the evening came, me, Nick and Brad all three went to our county fair for the second year in a row and had a great time! Pictures will be posted later on.

PS. Remember those today whose lives were lost 10 years ago...


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Southern Florida Vacation!

We had a great time on our first vacation to southern Florida! We dropped Brad off at his grandparent's house in the country on Tuesday night and we flew out of Oklahoma early Wednesday morning. This is what Florida looked like as we got ready to land...

We got our luggage and our rental car (a Chevy Cruze) with no trouble and--thanks to our GPS--found our way to our hotel and checked in!

We stayed at the Bahia Mar Resort and Yachting Center and had a very nice room with a gorgeous view of the yacht harbor and beach!!

Our first evening there we went down to the beach and were amazed at the storms that were off in the distance. You could hear the thunder rumbling on the beach.

Our hotel had it's own private walk straight to the beach just for hotel residents!

There were sea turtle nests cordoned off along the beach where they laid their eggs.

For dinner that night, we found a great little Italian restaurant right on the beach were we both ordered chicken Parmigiana. So good!!

On Thursday, our first full day there, we headed out West to the Everglades for some fan boating fun! We drove thru Hollywood, FL on the way.

I had already prepurchased our tickets online and we were able to get on a boat as soon as we arrived.

After we were done boating, we got to see a really neat wildlife show.

We had a great time seeing everything there. We grabbed some lunch and headed back to our hotel to clean up then hit the beach again. We also stopped by a grocery store called Publix and picked up some treats for us, and for the seagulls!

^See the jellyfish?

That night for dinner we went to a little Greek place on the beach and ate some yummy gyros. Nick had to have his picture taken here with the "props"....

Our last full day was Friday and we got up that morning ready for a busy day. We aimed for the Keys but stopped off at a park at Biscayne Bay to have a look. We passed several palm tree nurseries.

^Wild crabs running around.

^Driving on the long highway to Key Largo

We finally made it to the park where we bought tickets to go on the last snorkeling trip at 3pm. We boated out into the ocean about 30 minutes then spent an hour in the water snorkeling by a coral reef!

^More jellyfish....

We got pretty worn out with all of that snorkeling and hadn't eaten anything yet that day so we stopped in at a little hole in the wall restaurant on Key Largo called Mrs. Mac's Kitchen and each had a delicious burger.

We didn't make it back to the hotel that night until almost 10pm so we were ready for bed! I got up extra early Saturday morning so that I could catch the sunrise before our flight left at noon.

We grabbed breakfast at Denny's before heading to the airport and turning in our rental car. The flight to Houston was long, and our layover there was even longer. We finally made it back to OKC around 7pm where my dad picked us up and took us home. We dropped our luggage off inside then hit the road again for the hour-long drive out to the country to pick up our little boy.

Saturday was also my father-in-law's bday so we stayed over late for a dinner with the family. We didn't get home Saturday evening until after 10pm and went straight to bed after that. Today has been a very nice relaxing day and I'm glad to be home!

Thanks for taking the time to look at all of my pictures and videos, and leave a comment to tell me what you think!

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