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Monday, August 22, 2011

Making Things

Doesn't that look yummy??? That is what I made for lunch today. Last week I made a big batch of my family sauce and we have been eating on it since then. I love to get the whole wheat pitas and make little custom pizzas with them. Now that I have fresh basil, I made tomato/basil pizzas in addition to Hawaiian and pepperoni. They were all soooo good!

I haven't sewn much in awhile so I went in my craft room and resolved to make something. I attempted follow a pattern for a dress but I didn't have the right color of bias tape, then I sewed a part I shouldn't have....long story short I made this out of fabric and a onesie!

I hand-embroidered a lowercase "t" in the corner for the little girl who will be wearing it. I already got a request to make one for her big sister! Too bad Brad doesn't wear dresses....

Speaking of Brad, here is a pic of him right before bed last week. He insisted on wearing his novelty glasses that were party favors at his birthday. He looks like a little Elton John! (Yes my face is a bit swollen b/c this is the day after my surgery)

After my last post I ended going into work on Friday afternoon even though my boss gave me off to recover. I worked about 2pm-9pm, came home and ate dinner, then got called back in just afte 10pm! Me and the other recovery nurse ended up being there until 3am doing NOTHING just waiting for the surgery to be over. The patient ended up going straight back to the ICU and we didn't even get them. So we went home!

Today I am on-call again and was planning on having my dad over for dinner to eat some homemade eggplant parmesan with us. Well I got called in at 3pm and was there until 7pm doing two surgeries. Dad met me at the house and chatted with me in the kitchen while I cooked up two huge eggplants with spaghetti. Then we feasted at the dining table until nearly 10pm! It was a nice relaxing evening and I'm *hoping* that I don't get called back in again tonight!


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  1. That onesie dress is cute! Those are pretty popular right now too, my friend Kimmie is making a bunch for our craft fair thingy!

    Little B is so precious! Is he blowing kisses?!? All your yummy food pictures are making my tummy growl!!


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