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Monday, August 15, 2011

Couponing "Stockpile"

Don't worry--I'm not like the Extreme Couponing crazies who have an entire room dedicated to their stockpile. I just wanted to give you guys a glimpse of how I have been doing since I started couponing a few months ago.

My stockpile is probably small compared to some others, but there is only 3 of us here and I don't need more stuff than I have space for. I don't buy extra papers either. I only use what coupons I get out of mine and what stragglers my MIL hands down to me.

^In our main bathroom I keep all of our body washes, shampoo/conditioner, shaving cream, and razors.

^In our master bathroom I keep our deodorants, toothpaste/toothbrushes, makeup, lotions, hair color and hair styling products.

^In part of my pantry I keep our extra salad dressings, condiments, and snacks. (I got most of these for $1 or less)

^In the other part I keep overflow box dinners, cereal, and juice. We did have a LOT more cereal but we've been eating thru it and I am due to get more.

^Of course in my laundry room I keep extra detergent and fabric softener. I got each of these for less than $2.

I have noticed that there are certain things that go on sale very frequently, like body wash, razors, cereal, and hair color. It has gotten to the point now where I don't even buy them unless it's super cheap! I have gotten my own little system down and I feel pretty comfortable knowing that I am getting the best deals possible. I recently discovered a little grocery store right down the street from me doubles coupons, so now I have 3 stores where I coupon at including Homeland and CVS. I really don't even look at Walgreens because I never saw deals there that I couldn't get at CVS, plus they are significantly further away from my house.

I still keep my coupons organized into labeled envelopes but I am keeping my eye out for a smaller box to keep them in. Some people take their whole box/binder to the store with each shopping trip, but I prefer not to. Sure, I might "miss" a deal every once in awhile but I don't want one more thing to worry about lugging around in the store.

My system is that when I get the store ad in the paper, I generally have an idea of what coupons I have in my stash. So then I match up the sale items in the ad with the coupons that I have and if my net price is a GOOD deal then I pull the coupon out and start a shopping list for that store. But if it's not a good price (e.g. I could get generic cheaper, or it's something I wouldn't usually buy) even with the sale/coupon combo, I don't use the coupon! Sure I end up having several coupons that expire without getting used, but that is where you save money--because you aren't giving into the mentality that you are "getting a good deal" just because you used a coupon.

In other shopping news, one of my fave fabric/craft stores called JoAnn recently opened up a branch right down the street from me!!! The only other one I knew of was way on the north side like 45 min from my house. They just opened a couple of weeks ago and have been having all kinds of grand opening specials and deals. I went to check it out and got this ADORABLE reusable shopping bag to put my goodies in!

It's quite large and sturdy, but it's way to cute to throw in with my other ratty grocery shopping bags.

I have been plagued with an awful toothache this weekend. It crept up Saturday afternoon, was very bad Saturday night with no sleep, and even after "borrowing" my dad's leftover Lortab today has been pretty awful. Anything I eat comes back up within an hour. I try to catch cat naps when the pain meds are at their peak. I have known my wisdom teeth were jacked up and needed to come out eventually....but they never hurt before so I wasn't pushing it. Of course the week after I quit my job with dental insurance is when they decide to flare up.....sheesh.

I will leave you with an adorable pic of Bradley from the week--this was during a nap and he had thrown every single thing out of the crib and was just chilling in it sleeping like this:



  1. That is certainly a very awesome stash!! Looks like you are doing great at couponing!! Love that picture of Bradley!!

  2. Your stockpile is looking really grand! I have some stockpiles, but, it's not from couponing!!!!!! ha


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