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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lap Chole and a 2 Year Checkup

Evidently I haven't posted in a week! It has been a busy one--but then again, when isn't it? First of all, my dad had surgery this morning to remove his gallbladder. I was the lucky one who got to get up at 5am to take him to the hospital. In a nutshell everything went great and he was discharged by 10:30am! We got his prescriptions filled then I dropped him off at home by noon.

After that I sped back to the city for my little boy's 2 year checkup today! Nick met me there with Brad and together we took him back to the room. He always gets so shy when he is around strangers, but he didn't want the doctor to have anything to do with him! He clung to me like a baby koala and we barely got him weighed/measured.

The doctor was very happy with his growth over the last 6 months and how he is developing. We didn't have any questions or concerns to voice so it was a quick visit! Brad only got one shot which caught him up completely. No more until school-age they said! And now his checkups are once a year. My little boy is growing up! His current height and weight is:

Height: 35.5 inches
Weight: 27lb 2oz

On to other news...I am currently preparing to end my employment with OU. Yes I said it. I think my close friends knew it would happen since I have been working at Saint Anthonys and liking it there more and more. The issues at OU haven't gotten any better in the 5 years I've been there, and I'm sure they won't any time soon. But I won't be burning any bridges--I will be keeping my eye out for a special per diem contract! That is a 13wk contract position for very short-handed units to help with staffing. They are 36hr/week and *$50/hr*. You read that correctly! Every few months they open some up in my ICU and I always grumble b/c I'm busting my hump for less than half of what they make and I've been there 5 years....

One of steps to prepare is using up the rest of my reward points that I earned for working extra shifts! If you remember in the past I "bought" a home gym and also our airline tickets to NY with my points. I had about 1100 pts left so I could either get one 1000 pt item, or a 400 pt item and a 750 pt item. I decided to do that and I got these two things:

Samsung 12.1 mpx digital camera with 5x optical zoom, touchscreen LCD screen on the back, additional LCD screen on the front for self-portraits, and rechargeable lithium ion battery!

....and a Magellan GPS unit with all the fancy features for our car.

We are pretty excited about it, and hopefully both will arrive in time for our beach trip in a few weeks! We borrowed my mom's GPS when we went to NY in April and it really came in handy. As for the camera, my current one is a bulky Kodak 7.0 mpx and 3x zoom so this Samsung will definitely be a big step up! I really like the idea of the image screen in front to help with self-portraits! And of course the rechargeable battery so that I don't have to carry a bunch of AA batteries with me everywhere.

For those not living in Oklahoma, it has been hotter than Hades here the last month or so. I think we are going on 23 days in a row over 100 degrees. We finally got some rain today but we are probably going to remain in a burn ban with watering restrictions. Yuck. On the positive side, I am already hearing State Fair commercials and seeing Christmas decorations in the craft stores!! That means that fall will be here before I know it!


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