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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Holi-daze

First I want to show you the cutest picture of Brad drawing in a book:

Isn't that adorable?? And evidently he is right-handed.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe July 4th! I worked the whole weekend away and after a short nap Monday morning, we headed over to my dad's acreage to cookout and shoot off some fireworks! We have been doing this for many years now and it is a tradition we look forward to every July!

Some scattered showers had passed thru the area so it cooled down enough for us to eat outside and not melt! I guess when you are used to 105 degrees for weeks at a time, 90 doesn't feel too bad.

Here is little boy stealing a chip from momma's plate...

It finally got dark around 9. My brother Eric and his wife joined us with a load of their own ammo. We got the party started!

After awhile it was already way past little boy's bedtime so he snuggled on me and daddy the rest of the time. I took off his shirt to keep him cool!

I can't believe this is already his THIRD July 4th! How fast time flies when you are having fun and enjoying life! The only injury of the night was one of my hubby's fingers that got burned. He was holding an extra firework when the one on the ground sparked onto the one in his hand! He managed to throw it down and run before it exploded but he burned a finger pretty good. It looks a lot better today.

In other news, our downstairs AC has been broken for 6 days and my super-mechanical husband fixed it today for us!! It broke last Wednesday, we called a guy out Thursday who told us what was wrong and wanted to charge $1,000 to fix it.....we said "no thanks" then Nick ordered the part himself for $100! Only problem was it had to be shipped here, and with the holiday it didn't come in until today. But he had the new part installed and the AC running within an hour! He's the best! Let's hope the upstairs one doesn't break before we move.

I get the next two days off so I plan to get all kinds of things done! Swimming, sunbathing, yard work, and of course--spending time with my two favorite boys!


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  1. Looks like you all had a blast! ha! Lil Bradley looks so adorable! As usual...


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