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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Helping Daddy Wash Cars

Tonight I got off work from my day job in time to actually see the sun AND spent lots of time with my boys!! I had a spontaneous urge to grab everybody up and celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Taco Bueno!! So that's just what we did. I knew the "real" Mexican restaurants would be packed and I've been craving Bueno since I saw a commercial the other day. It was delish (even tho they were out of guacamole) and Brad probably ate as much as we did!

When we got home, Nick decided to wash both of our cars since it had cooled down a bit outside and Brad was full of energy. We all 3 stayed outside and Brad loved running around in the water and helping his daddy out! It was too adorable. Of course I had to take a bunch of pics!

To start with, here is my beautiful grass that is sprouting up! I planted it myself ;)

Is that not the cutest thing!? I know he will have a blast this summer playing in the pool.

Needless to say he got soaked and got a bath before bed! I was very happy to snuggle him and put him to bed myself because I couldn't last night, and I won't be able to the next 2 nights either. My heart just melts when he lays his head on my shoulder and tucks his arm under mine.....*sigh*

While I was bathing him, Nick went out front and got a picture of a BAT on our front porch. Yes, a bat.

I recently had a big custom order for embroidered shirts, and on the last one my machine decided to try and eat the shirt. The thread kept getting snagged by the bobbin, and I can't get it to quit. I ended up having to hand embroider the back of the last shirt to look like the others--I think it turned out pretty good! But now my machine has to go to the doctor next week so that I can embroider a birthday shirt for my soon-to-be 2 year old!!

I'm getting up early tomorrow to help my mom with her big garage sale day 2. Fun fun!


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  1. Love the lil video! Surprised he didn't cry from being sprayed...yes, I think he's going to absolutely LOVE your pool this summer and will want to "swim" every day! You did a good job on the grass...looks like it has really taken off and is getting longer and lusher....muah


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